Lauren & David's Wedding

Gift Registry

After so much time apart, we look forward to beginning our lives together.  We hope you can join us as we celebrate!

Due to my upcoming international move to a fully furnished apartment, we are opting for a less traditional registry.  Since it is very costly to pack and ship gifts, we thought that with our WishingWell, you could help contribute corporately to the things we need help purchasing the most. 

Your gifts are much appreciated because you are enabling us to be together- which is all we really want. 

Registry Number: 36252105
Picture Item Total Amount Make a contribution
Warm Waterproof Coat $200.00
Video Camera $300.00
Scanner $300.00
Plane Fares $500.00
Money / Cash Unlimited
Cutlery Set $60.00
Climbing Rope and Helmets $350.00
British Spouse Visa $1,100.00
bicycle $200.00
Bed Linen $100.00
Bathroom Towels $60.00

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