Gift Registry

Thank you to so many of you who came to our Engagement Party! We had a great night, and the best part was being able to celebrate with so many people we love.

Thanks again for considering this unconventional way of registering for gifts. With a house bursting with two complete sets of homewares already, we thought this was the best way to ensure that you're able to give us gifts that we really need (and you'll see a few wishlist things on there too!). We can also include a few things that require a few people's contributions, and we'd never otherwise be able to purchase. And it saves all that fussing for parking spots at the shops!

Please don't feel any pressure to contribute, and if you're uncomfortable with entering credit card details on the internet or would rather bring us a real gift, please feel free to call Brie's parents, who also have a list. Dean's phone number is 0408 038 253 and Janette can be found at 0421 809 221. We'll update the list until the wedding as things come to mind, and if you'd like to physically purchase something on this list, let Dean or Janette know & they'll remove your item, so we don't double up. 

Otherwise, just come along & enjoy the party!