Aria and Cody's In Vitro Fertilization Fund

Gift Registry

The base cost for IVF is $10,500, with "up to" an additional $2,100 for medications that are needed.  $10,500 is due up front before the process is started.  Appointments prior to this are additional fees, and not covered by insurance.  The cost of these appointments ($266 a pop) are definitely making it trickier for us to save as well.

We started this registry out with $12,600 listed as the total, and will lower that as we have money to contribute ourselves. 

As of April 20th, we are able to lower the amount by $700 cash we can put toward this.

With some luck and hard work, Cody can hopefully get a promotion needed for a benefits package that will part of the expenses. 

If you can't contribute financially, please send positive thought and prayers. :)

Thank you very much! 

Registry Number: 33811982
Picture Item Total Amount Make a contribution
Money / Cash $11,900.00

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