Brian & Tarrita's Wedding

Gift Registry

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Our Wishing Well page. As you know, we are getting married on July 19, 2008. We would like to be able to make home improvements, raise our children as well as begin building our lives together as husband and wife. You can make a money gift through this website!

Hope to see you at our wedding this summer~

 Love, Brian & Tarrita

Registry Number: 31871705
Picture Item Total Amount Make a contribution
Wine Glasses Unlimited
Vacuum Cleaner Unlimited
Television Unlimited
Table & Chairs Unlimited
Sound System Unlimited
Sofa / Lounge Unlimited
Rugs Unlimited
Pillows Unlimited
Picture Frames Unlimited
Outdoor Furniture Setting Unlimited
Our honeymoon in Ocho Rios, Jamaica Unlimited
Monetary Donations Unlimited
Luggage Set Unlimited
Lawn Mower Unlimited
Kitchen Utensils Unlimited
House Unlimited
Garden Tools Unlimited
Entertainment Cabinet Unlimited
DVD Players Unlimited
Dinner Set Unlimited
Cutlery Set Unlimited
Computer System Unlimited
Bed Linen Unlimited
Bathroom Towels Unlimited
Barbecue Unlimited

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