Eric and Andre's Wedding

Gift Registry

More than just kisses,
so far we've shared,
our home has been made,
with love and care.

Most things we need,
we've already got,
And in our home,
we can't fit a lot!

A wishing well,
we thought would be great,
But only if,
you wish to participate,

A gift of money,
is deposited into a well,
Then make a wish...
But shhh don't tell!

Once we've replaced,
the old with the new,
We can look back,
and say it was thanks to you!

 We are looking forward to sharing our special day with all of you!!!
Registry Number: 31511239
Picture Item Total Amount Make a contribution
Honeymoon $6,000.00
Television $2,000.00
Bed $1,500.00
Luggage Set $1,500.00
Sofa / Lounge $1,500.00
Table & Chairs $1,500.00
Rugs $1,000.00
Bed Linen $750.00
Bedside Tables $600.00
Coffee Table $600.00
Entertainment Cabinet $600.00
Outdoor Furniture Setting $600.00
Pots & Pans $500.00
Vacuum Cleaner $500.00
Dinner Set $400.00
Mirror $250.00
Bathroom Towels $200.00
Picture Frames $200.00
Pillows $200.00
Cutlery Set $150.00
Electric Wok $150.00
Kitchen Utensils $150.00
Garden Tools $100.00
Lights $100.00
Vase $100.00
Barbecue Cooking Set $75.00
Drinking Glasses $60.00
Wine Glasses $60.00
Water Jug $50.00
Money / Cash Unlimited

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