Greg and Teana's Wishing Well

Wishing Well Poems

Teana on Greg's Lap on 30th Birthday

Teana's Way of Describing the Wishing Well

Please find within this note
Information just for you
With some rules and regulations
That we both insist you do
The first ‘you must come’ and
If you’re to be our guest
You must eat and drink a lot
Or do your very best
The second one’s an order
So don’t bring two left feet
As when the evening comes around
You MUST dance to the beat

The third rule can be broken
We really do not mind
But if you choose to follow it
Thank you for being so kind
We’ve been together for some years
And have a lovely home
There are not too many items now
We don’t already own
So please don’t be offended
And please don’t think we’re brash
But if your thoughts were on a present
We would much prefer the cash

But the choice is really up to you
And we would like to say
That we hope you come, enjoy yourselves
And have a lovely day

Greg's Way of Describing The Wishing Well

We have 2 houses
And a lot of stuff
Don't make our decision
To return gifts tough

Don't buy us gifts
That we already got
Like a glass or a towel
Or a whistling tea pot

Y'all already know me
I'm proud to be brash
Click on the Wishing Well link
And give us some CASH!!!

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