Chuck and Juli's Wedding


Hello everyone, thanks for coming to our wedding website. Over the past ten years, Chuck and I have combined family and friends, enjoyed our kids and grandkids.  Many of you already know some of the things we have included on our webpages.  Just skip this section and surf on but I must warn you:  Do not read on unless you are in the mood to hear about romance! 

We have had lots of fun preparing for our Big Day in April!  We look forward to seeing you there!  For those of you who can not make our event, you will be missed.  The best way we can include you in our celebration is to pack these webpages full of our romantic story of how we got together and our 10th anniversary wedding event.

After our big day we will be sure to add those pictures too!! 

Please be sure to sign our guestbook at the end and please... Enjoy surfing      





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