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How to buy skates for kids?


Basically, there are two main types of skates for kids and they are-

Quad Skates and Inline Skates.

Quad Skates-

Also known as the Original Roller Skates for indoor roller rinks. They have four wheels, two in the front and 2 in the back respectively. These wheels provide a good balance and teach them to balance on wheels. The perfect pair for the beginners.

Inline skates-

They have 4-5 wheels and are arranged accordingly. But, unlike quad skates, inline skates can be a bit difficult for children as their legs and ankle strength initially are weak. Thus, it becomes difficult for them to stand steady and straight on these skates.  Without any proper training, inline skates are not the right one to purchase for your child. Only if they have a proper training, then it is possible for them to walk or balance with these skates. If bought without proper advice, inline skates can cause your child’s ankle to get injured. But, as I have said that, if your child is practising skating regularly, and with the advice of their trainer, you can purchase inline skates.


What about the size and other features?

Well, a right skate with the right size and use is a must before you go for purchasing it. Skates for children comes in various size and uses and also based on their level of practice. Thus when you are going to purchase you must remember that the boots should be providing comfort to your child’s ankle and feet, it should never hurt them or else they wouldn’t be able to work properly.

The next point you should keep in mind when you buy skates is that your child is growing each day, thus they will outgrowing those skates every now and then. Just like you purchase shoes a bit big, one must purchase skates in a similar manner too. Buy a little bit bigger skates and nowadays you get lots of affordable options and choices to choose the ideal skates for your child. But, you must know that buying a loose or bigger skates can hurt your child’s feet and ankles. A loose or inn-fitting skates can cause your child blisters, thus proving an risk for your child’s safety.

Here are some of the skates recommended for children based on their age-

Quad skates for 8-12 years

  • The phreakskate Ghost
  • The phreakskateDevaskator (Outdoor skate)



Quad Skates for 4-8

  • Crazy Flash Kid’s Skate
  • Epic Galaxy Elite Skate
  • Crazy Rocket Skate

Light-up Quad skates

  • Crazy disco skates for girls
  • Pacer Revive Skate
  • Crazy Flash Skate

Quad Skates for 2-4

  • Disney Frozen Skates with pads
  • TMNT skates
  • Fisher price grows with me skates
  • Roller Derby Fun Skates

Inline Skates for 8-12

  • Roller Derby  Aerio Q-80 Inline skates
  • Roller Derby Aerio Q-90

So, these were some of the skates mentioned you can buy depending on the age of your kid. But make sure you buy it from a recognised store and only after taking proper information about the skates to be purchased.



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