Stonebridge Fundraiser...please help us save Stonebridge!

Gift Registry

Please help us save Stonebridge so that we can continue to bring you the excellent golf, dinning and event experiences that you have come to know and love. We have helped many people raise money for their charity event. Now it is our turn to ask for your help. Whatever contrinbution you can make would be appreciated. We are hoping to raise at least $2M.

Cheryl Merino

Registry Number: 27528569
Picture Item Total Amount Make a contribution
Car $30,000.00
Computer System $1,500.00
Digital Camera $750.00
Display Cabinet $1,400.00
DVD Player $250.00
Entertainment Cabinet $600.00
Garden Tools $100.00
Lawn Mower $500.00
Lights $100.00
Money / Cash Unlimited
New Building Unlimited
Outdoor Furniture Setting $600.00
SBCC Unlimited
Sofa / Lounge $1,500.00
Sound System $1,500.00
Table & Chairs $1,500.00
Television $2,000.00
Vacuum Cleaner $500.00

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