Stonebridge Fundraiser...please help us save Stonebridge!


Please help us save Stonebridge so that we can continue to bring you the excellent golf, dinning and event experiences that you have come to know and love.

We have tried to overcome many adversities in the past three years, including three 100 year level floods in an 18 month period.

The most devastating episode was the Mother's Day Floods of 2006 (and the ensuing 6 weeks of rain) in which Stonebridge Country Club was declared a Federal Disaster Area. Unfortunately, we were not able to get any monies from the federal government or the state to assist us.  

The financial shortfalls created by the flooding put us into a situation where we were forced to file a Chapter 11 Bankrupcty in an attempt to reorganize our debt. Stonebridge typically has a triving business and excellent customer base and has been operation for 10 years....but the BANK was not willing to work with us. Even though the Judge had given us permission to operate, the bank continually ran auction ads for Stonebridge right in the middle of our golf season!!

What we did not know at the time was that the bank we were dealing with, Peter Alden at Community Bank and Trust was in the midst of a double bank merger. Community Bank and Trust was being merged into Ocean Bank, then Ocean Bank was being purchased by People's United out of CT. These bankers were looking at making huge profits...and they didn't care who they had to stomp on to get them!

We are now in a critical situation and need your help.

We have helped many people raise money for their charity events. Now it is our turn to ask for your help. Whatever charitable contrinbution you can make would be appreciated. We are hoping to raise at least $2M so that we can refinance our loan with another bank.

Cheryl Merino

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