Jayshree's & Vivek Jain's Baby  

Gift Registry

Thank you so much for being part of our special event.

Many people have asked us if there is anything we would like, and to be honest we already have most of the things we need, but for those who feel the desire we have set up this special gift registry.

We have chosen this website because it is safe and secure and very convenient (please do not bring money in an envelope as this is hard for us to manage and easy to lose).

This website is our first preference of how you can best help us if you like, but please know that what we desire is your presence (not presents).

We look forward to seeing you at our event,
Love from Vivek Jain

Registry Number: 51018352
Picture Item Total Amount Make a contribution
Toys $250.00
Teether Tubes $10.00
Swing $50.00
Soft Plush Toys $200.00
Rubber Ducky $5.00
Rocking Chair $70.00
Portable Bassinette $75.00
Play Activity Gym $70.00
Picture Frames $50.00
Pacifiers $20.00
Money / Cash Unlimited
Mobile $45.00
Mitts $20.00
Mirror $15.00
Lamp / Nightlight $35.00
Jolly Jumper $50.00
Inflatable Bathtub $15.00
Hooded Bath Robe $20.00
High Chair $100.00
Hats $30.00
Dinner Sets $50.00
Diapers / Nappies Disposable $200.00
Diapers / Nappies - Cotton $100.00
Diaper / Nappy Travel Bags $100.00
Cot / Crib $200.00
Change Table & Drawers $200.00
Change Table $60.00
Car Seat $200.00
Bottles $100.00
Booties / Socks $50.00
Body Suits $100.00
Blankets $50.00
Bath Ring $50.00
Baby Walker $60.00
Baby Monitor $90.00
Baby Carriage / Pram / Stroller $300.00

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