Kellie and Dwayne's Wedding

Our Story

We first met on 9th March 2007.

We were both secretly set up by mutual friends Monique and Tony to join them for nibbles, drinks and a friendly game of poker one friday night at their house. 

Kellie being dead against being set up was pretty suspicious of the whole arrangement upon arriving and the house, but figured what the hell what harm would it be to spend time with friends and make a new friend in the process. Not knowing how well her and dwayne would hit it off.

We all had a fantastic night (a few drinks for courage) and great laughs. Being only one place for guests to sleep and both of us having to work the next day we ended up sharing a room. But spent the rest of the night laughing and talking till the sun came up. Dwayne was a complete gentleman, lucky for us that Kellie is the not quite so shy one! wink wink

The next day we met up for fish and chips down by the mooloolaba beach and again spent hours laughing and talking. I think we both knew from that moment on that we had something special and were pretty inseprable since then.

We both bounce of each other and even though we are far from perfect we still love the fact that we are both our own people and from that we can grow together.

We have already been through some lows and some fantastic highs, like the birth our little man Cooper in November last year.

We thank you so much for choosing to be part of our day and witness the next journey in our lives.

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