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Hamish and Amanda's Wedding - Gift Registry

Hamish and Amanda's Wedding  

Gift Registry

(Hey guys, just to shed light on some confusion... please be advised that contributing part payments to the items below are welcome, we will use all moneis towards these items if we do not collect the full amount for a specific item.)

November 21, the day will come soon!
If you can come, we'll be over the moon.

It's been a long time coming, many have said!
But at the Shore chapel, we'll finally be wed

At four pm, we will both say "I Do"
Then the MCA, for the reception (and a beverage or two).
A few funny speeches, some dancing and food,
And a view of the harbour, will help set the mood.

Attired in suits or nice flowing gowns,
Ours will be the best party in town.
Bring with you love and a sense of good fun,
For everything else, has already been done.

Presents? No need! But should you insist,
We have created this wishing well list.
It is not a list of household gifts,
As over the years, we've acquired those bits.

Our sense of adventure is well documented
On our honeymoon, more adventures selected!
Massages, scuba diving, and an elephant ride,
Adventures chosen by the Groom and the Bride

Should you think one of our adventures be great,
Then perhaps in our well, you'll participate.
In advance we thank you for the contributions you make.
On our return we will show you the photo's we take!

Hamish and Amanda

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