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We are thrilled about the upcoming birth of our new baby boy due Nov 25, 2007.
We can't wait for our new addition to the family. Many have asked what we needed.
So after alot of thought. One of the many things we have chosen for his future is his blood cord preservation. One way that you can participate in our joy is to help us make this possible. This would be the best baby gift ever. The gift of life. Thank you for considering this truly unique gift - One that could last a life time.




 Well our gift from God has arrived early he was born 11/12/2007 He is 7 lbs 6oz. Everything went well & both mommy & baby are doing great. We did get to preserve his cord blood. With your contributions we were able to put a down payment & finance the rest. Thank you all for your support.

Arlene and David

P.S .... Don't be shocked. Below you'll see our wish list items. None of which are cheap but this way even the smallest contribution brings us closer to the things we need but can't afford. Thank you.

Registry Number: 11789276
Picture Item Total Amount Make a contribution
Baby's Blood Cord Preservation $2,200.00
Additional Hospital fee's not covered by Insurance $1,320.00
Money / Cash Unlimited

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