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The Sakyong's Birthday Gift 2012

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Registry Number 331117429     ShareThis

15th November 2012

Dear Shambhala Warriors and Friends,

Thank you so much for joining together to wish the Sakyong a "cheerful birthday." This year, we hope to offer him the furniture piece that he has chosen as his formal seat for the main reception room at the Kalapa Court in Halifax. You can see a picture of the seat on this site.

Please feel free to offer any amount at all, and remember to sign the virtual guestbook* so that we can share your birthday greetings with the Sakyong.

We have chosen this website because it is safe, secure and very convenient for our many Shambhalians and friends all across the world.

Ki Ki So So!

*You can click on the guestbook link in the upper right corner of this page to leave a personal birthday message for the Sakyong. We will be sure that he sees all of these messages!

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Previous Comments

Jon Pratt

Cheerful Birthday, dear Rinpoche!

Wishing you much love,

Wendy Friedman 


Jessie Friedman
We love you, appreciate you, are so grateful for you and your teachings, infinitely, beyond what words could express. 50+ more years of health and joy to you! Great love, Jessie and Jules

Faye Halpern
Cheerful 50th Birthday Your Majesty! May the world continue to unfold in a glorious way for you and your family. Best wishes for happy life.

Rev. Mike Henderson
Your Majesty, A very cheerful and blessed birthday to you.

Greg Heffron
Fifty more years of patient triumph, your Majesty! And oceans of kalpas after that! Kye ma, how wonderous indeed!

Scott Forbes
Dear sir, May health, happiness, freedom from obstacles and abundant radiance continue to rain on you for another half century! Kiki Soso!!

Suzanne Prysor-Jones
Wishing you a(nother) luminous year. With love. Suzanne

clementine follender grossfeld
Wish you a long life with all your precious ones. Hiep hiep hoera.

Sue Vess
Cheerful Birthday

Sally Larrick
May your 50th birthday bring you joy, and may you be with us for many, many years to come.

Gregory Bronswinkel
Dear Rinpoche, I wish you a most delightful birthday with you family and friends. That you may enjoy good health and supreme deciples. With much love and affection. Your humble and devoted subject, Greg.

Didier Karibian
IL va falloir changer la date d'anniversaire du Sakyong !!Je suis Astrologue depuis 1979-j'ai parlé avec lui et il ne connait PAS sa date exacte Octo. ou Nov. 1962 vers la pleine lune! Selon ma recherche ce serait le 11 Nov.1962

Helen Berliner
Dear Sir, May your life be long, happy, and of limitless benefit to limitless sentient beings. Cheerful Birthday! Helen Berliner Helen Berliner

Jody Surcon
Thank you for being an inspiration and for helping me down the path towards Shambhala. Happy Birthday to you and congrats on you ever growing family. Ki ki so so!

Mike Walters
Dear Sakyong, Happy 50th Birthday! My wish for you is that your birthday inspires everyone around you to be present. May all of your wishes and dreams be fulfilled. -Mike Walters

Sylvie Stevenson
Cheerful birthday, Rinpoche! May you enjoy good health and long life this year and always.

Graciela Marin and Charles Ervin
Dear Sir, On this your 50th year, our wish is that your health be ever vibrant, your vision for Shambhala be immeasurable, and that your warriors tirelessly help you spread that vision. All our love

John and Ann Reichhardt
Dear Sir, We send our most cheerful birthday greetings and thank you for your 'lives-long' dedication to each of us who 'threw our flowers into the mandala of the North'! Ki Ki So So!

Martha Schoenemann
A Cheerful Birthday!

Dagmare Houniet
Dear Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, On the occasion of your 50th birthday, I would like to wish you happiness, good health and joy in all your activities and with your family. I very much appreciate the teachings and instructions you are currently giving, they are so helpful. Thank you. Kindest and best wishes, Dagmare Houniet (Amsterdam)

Calryn Aston
To Our Beloved Sakyong, Happy Birthday! What tremendous good fortune for the world that you were born. With Gratitude and Love, Calryn Aston

Eric Spiegel

Yeshe Fuchs
with great joy, I wish you a long and happy and healthy life, so your great vision and vast strategic ability may manifest, so all we sleeping beauties can awaken to basic goodness and benefit all.Thank you for Being.

Mark and Rebecca Hazell
Happy Birthday Dear Rinpoche, We are so grateful for your presence in our lives, and hope the coming year(s) is(are) filled with good health and spirits. With much love, Mark and Becky

Mercedes de Blas Gómez
Happy birthday and thank a lot to be with us and follow teaching, with all my love and gratitude

George Free
Best wishes, Sir. Thank you for everything you are doing.

Ginny Guthrie
Happy birthday! May you have many more so you can continue to benefit many beings.

Ginny Guthrie
Happy birthday! May you have many more so you can continue to benefit many beings.

Kathryn Heckman
"Youth is forever Time is change Age is welcome... May you live long, age well." from Old Friend, Snow Lion`s Delight

Alice Dan
50 is an auspicious year! Your Chicago Sangha celebrates half a century with you! With much love and devotion

Vicki Giella
May you continue to emanate in all directions and in good health in this new birthday year. Much love and gratitude,

Ellen Kahler
May your next 50 years be the fruition of your loving kindness and monumental effort and may enlightened society be all victorious! Happy Birthday!

Ella Reznikova and Bill Brauer
Cheerful Birthday Rinpoche! We love you very much!

Bill Haas
Offering a hearty and humble bow

Laura Burnham
Cheerful birthday indeed, Your Majesty! Sending love and gratitude.

Laura Burnham
Cheerful birthday indeed, Your Majesty! Sending love and gratitude.

Theresa Barritt
Dear Most Precious Teacher: Just the thought of you opens my heart to the magnificence and primalness of the world. Your teachings are jewels of unimaginable display that set fire to my suffering and confusion. May I forever and ever continue to journey and appreciate the path of freedom that you provide to us. With tender heart tears of devotion, Theresa Barritt

Allison Conant
Cheerful Birthday, Rinpoche. Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and tireless compassion. The teachings have been with me through some difficult times and I always feel the presence of you and your father when I am in a challenging situation in my life. I truly am grateful and I truly am blessed.

Acharya Alan Schwartz and Kerry Schwartz
With deep devotion and appreciation for your offerings to this world. May the Great Eastern Sun's brilliance warm and soften hearts for a long,long time.

David Schneider
KI KI SO SO ! Sir. Lots of love, and all good things!

Pam Rubin
what Theresa Barritt said plus infinity! xoxoxo thanks thanks thanks

Ana María Milán
Welcome to the fifty, now begins the best!!! Kisses from Chile and a little gift https://dl.dropbox.com/u/93367694/SMR%20birthday.wma

Ans de Vries
Your Majesty, cheerful birthday and may you continue to be a powerful inspiration and guide for us all in leading us to liberation globally into an enlightened society

Melissa Moore
Dear Sir Samo and I send you love and our deepest devotion on the auspicious occasion of your birthday. Have a Cheerful day and most fruitful year. Melissa Moore

Harish Rao
Cheerful, blessed birthday Sakyong, may you have countless blessings this year and share wisdom for the coming year from now and beyond!

Brus & Jean Westby
Cheerful Birthday! May you enjoy many more, and may we all continue to benefit from your presence and teachings. Brus and Jean

Lisa Johnston
Happy, Cheerful wishes on your birthday Rinpoche! May your health and happiness continue to enrich the three worlds. Much love, Lisa

Pamela Pickup
We send you cheerful birthday greeting from the snowy mountains of the Sierra Foothills in California.

Claude Zachary
Most cheerful birthday, Sir! Please continue to manifest and teach us for many many more years to come.

Caroline DeMaio
Sending your majesty great love and gratitude for all you offer to us on this most auspicious birthday.

Rebecca Ballou
May you and your family enjoy vast happiness, excellent health and enlightenment. I truly thank you for the inspirations and imparted wisdom through your teachings. Thank you so much.

Dear Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, HAPPY 50th birthday! I'm very grateful for your teachings.

Jenny Hannah
A very cheerful birthday to you, Rinpoche. How truly fortunate we are to live and share this time with you.

Tara Slone
Sending all the love and devotion in my heart for this wonderful occasion!!

Luisa Elisa Almada Wright
Hope you engoy with your family this day. Your example and smile spires me every day. ¡Happy Birthday ! with love Tita

Deena Widran
Wishing you a joyful birthday- thank you for carrying on your lineage so those of us who wish to learn about it are able to do so!

Therese Marchitelli
Your Majesty, Cheerful Birthday! May the glow of your presence light the heart of goodness in all beings. May kindness prevail in this world. KiKi SoSo. I love you.

Richard Hartman
I think of past birthdays I have been able to spend in your company, Rinpoche, and I feel joy and gratitude for those memories, yet I must say I feel my heart break with love and longing to see you again. Cheerful, beautiful birthday to you, dearest Majesty!

Beka Davis
Dear Rinpoche, Cheerful Birthday! All my love on this special occasion! Thank you for being who you are and loving in the world the way that you do.

Rayna Jacobson
Cheerful Birthday, dear Sakyong. Here's to many, many more! Love, Rayna Jacobson

Gail Whitacre
May today, this year, and all your years be filled with blessings.

Susan Marie Regier Moody
Thank you for your steadiness. Now that you're 50, you can extend the celebration much longer!

Han de Wit
birthday gift SMR

Jan Lamac
Happy birthday, long life, a lot of joy with a lot of children.

Linda Catling
Dear Rinpoche, Thank you for all your love and generosity. Warm wishes and the greatest appreciation on the occasion of your 50th birthday.

Patricia and Walker Blaine
Cheerful Birthday! May the kingdom of Shambhala be swiftly realized as a great birthday gift to all beings. We love you very much. Love, Walker and Patricia

Debbie McGee
Many happy returns!

Diane Kalsang Whitcomb
Congratulations Rinpoche. Thank you for all your many gifts to us. Hope you have a wonderful birthday and an amazing 50th year.

Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown
Your Majesty, we wish you a long and productive life--you hold the future health and happiness of the world in your hands. We love you!

Susan and Jerry Chapman
Wishing your majesty long life, good health and great joy in bringing to fruition your vast aspirations for a glorious, gentle and awake society.

Acharya Fleet Maull
Wishing Your Majesty a wonderful birthday and good cheer and good health for this auspicious day and the year ahead. May Your Majesty's immeasurably beneficial Buddha activities continue to benefit beings for eons to come, and may Your Majesty gloriously and continuously reign as our Sakyong and Warrior Guru for the benefit of all beings and this earth. With love and devotion, Your loyal subject, Acharya Fleet Maull (Miyowa Rigpa)

Leda Powers
Cheerful 50th birthday, your Majesty. May all your wishes be fulfilled. With deep love to you and your family.

David, Dinah and Berkeley Brown
Cheerful Birthday! We love you. David, Dinah and Berkeley

Marguerite Stouthamer
To the Sakyong: with deep gratitude for your dedication and work to create an Enlightened Society, I send you best wishes for your 50th birthday.

Barry Gruessner and Emily Miller
Your Majesty - sending you much love and appreciation on your 50th birthday!

Guy-Gabriel Latendresse
Dear Sakyong je vous souhaite un merveilleux anniversaire. Et merci de tout cœur de nous dispenser vos enseignements et de nous faire grâce de votre présence.

Rhiannon Wells & John Rockwell
There was a Sakyong named Mipham Who ran with his mind aplomb The longer the race They younger his face Even at 50, he was all calm Cheerful Birthday Rinpoche with love, from Rhiannon and John

Susan wright and David Mann
Dear Rinpoche, Cheerful birthday wishes to you Sir! We hear 50 is the new 30. love and best wishes for your continued health and long life

Claire van Rhyn
Wishing you health and strength for a further 50 years! You are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you so much for your generosity!

Susan Bonet
May you enjoy a happy, cheerful, joyful birthday, with many more to come. Much love and best wishes to you on your special day.

Patricia and Jeremy Hayward
Cheerful Birthday, Rinpoche! We offer our deep gratitude for you presence and profoundly benevolent activity on this earth.

Sandy Brooks
Cheerful Birthday Your Majesty! My heart is bursting with love and appreciation for you. "May your three secrets be indestructible like a vajra, May your lotus feet stand frim for oceans of kalapas, May your vast buddha activity spread throughout the world, And may the splendor of auspicious benefit and happiness blaze throughout Jambudvipa."

Jenny and Paul Warwick
Cheerful 50th Birthday from the Warwick Family

Gayle and Gerard Van
Cheerful 50th Birthday with so much gratitude and love. By auspicious coincidence, it is also my (Gayle) birthday on Nov. 15, and each year as I do my birthday practice, I feel so fortunate that my precious human birth is now while you are alive to guide us. May you live a very long time!

Ruth Abrahams Welch
Dearest Rinpoche, Sending you warm and cheerful birthday wishes with love and delight. Ruth Abrahams Welch

Ellen Berger
Happy Birthday, and thank you so much for the Shambhala teachings, and being our teacher. (I am starting to feel a lot better.)

Brian McCorkle
Warm best wishes for a wonderful birthday and a year to come full of joy and auspiciousness! Much love from Boston.

Ingrid Jejina
is wishing YOU DEAR Rinpoche a joyful celebration and cheerful day as many more eons to come :-). Thanking you for spoiling us with so many immeasurably beautiful and inspiring talks and teachings as your humor. It has been wonderful sharing summer @ DCL with you. Wishing you health and happiness and oh, what a gift of another princess or prince joining the family. May Enlightened Society grow in kindness, full of creativity way beyond any thought With lots of appreciation Ingrid Jejina

Kevin, Sybille, Evelyn & Liam Barrett
Cheerful Birthday Your Majesty. With much love and appreciation ~ may your next 50 years be healthy and delightful - and may the dralas remain ever present for you & your family.

Emily Bower
Your Majesty, I'm sending best warm wishes and love to you and your family--and cheerful birthday from Melbourne, Australia!! Emily

Geoff & Julie Martin
50 Cheers!

Mathias POngracz
Happy birthday, good health, long life and a big thank you for all that you have shared with us.May you further guide us in realizing enlightened society.May your great vision come through and May we be able to serve you for many many lifetimes! Mathias

Dana Marshall
Cheerful birthday dear Rinpoche, We love you with all of our hearts! Wishing you continued good health and happiness. Love, Dana, Rein, Ana

Marita and Peter McLaughlin
Your Majesty, May you continue to emanate with your long and steady life force, crystalline speech and unmeasurable wisdom for endless kalpas. Cheerful 50th Birthday!!!With deep love and appreciation, your loyal subjects Marita and Peter McLaughlin

Christie and Paul Cashman
Cheerful Birthday dearest Sakyong! We send much love to you and your family on this auspicious day. Christie and Paul

Kerstin Martin
Wishing you every happiness on your birthday, Rinpoche! With love and deep gratitude for the splendour of your presence and teachings. Kerstin and Kent

Liz Richardson and Richard John
Cheerful Birthday your Majesty! We wish you deep and heartfelt wishes for long life, health and great joy. May your profound teachings of
kindness take root in all sentient beings and may we be your arrows adorned with the garuda feathers of basic goodness.

Joel Wachbrit
Cheerful 50th birthday Your Majesty! My heart is filled with such gratitude for your birth. May I and all your subjects offer you the ultimate birthday gift - the Kingdom of Shambhala in this lifetime!

Nadine Zerbel and Eric Rugani
Thank you for coming into this world, please take delight in the next 50, cheerful Birthday!

Madeline Conacher & Louis Allen
Cheerful 50th Birthday Rinpoche Long may you live to manifest Tiger Lion Gardua Dragon energy and bring about the Golden Age of Shambhala love Madeline & Louis

Christoph Zihlmann, Marlon Doringer, Elisabeth Merkli, Susanne Hensler
Spontaneous arising Poem to Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche Wine, olives and chocolate Greetings from Austria, Vienna and Oerlikon Strahlender Sonnenaufgang (=Bright sunrise) Magic delight of celebration. Taming our distracted mind Hoping we get deeper insights in your teachings Freedom Moonlike your cheerful smile. Drinking and thinking of you Opening another bottle in the name of Shambhala Enjoying being together This marvellous warrior’s dance. From the Birthday Celebration at Zürich Shambhala Group 15/11/2012 KiKiSoSo!

Michelle Munro
A very cheerful birthday to you, dear Rinpoche! Wishing you good health, long life, and many joyful moments! With love, Michelle, Alec, Maisy and Ruby Munro

Ellen Rook
Cheerful Birthday, Rinpoche! With much love and tremendous appreciation.

Jacquie Bell
Cheerful Birthday, Sir. We're looking forward to your return to KOS.

Christopher O'Hare
Dear Sir, I wish you a very Cheerful Birthday. I wish you and your beloved family goodness, long life and joyful relationships with each other and all the phenomenal world. You have already brought so much love and wisdom to all of us in the Mukpo clan, and increasingly to the whole world. May the brilliance of your light continue to illuminate the dark ages and provide the view and a path for waking up and helping all beings to wake and learn to connect with Sacred World. Thank you, Sir. Your humble and grateful student, Christopher O'Hare

Mary Campbell and Chris Morel
Your Majesty, Cheerful 50th Birthday! with deep gratitude and much love, Mary & Chris

Amos Peres & Carolyn Mandelker
Happy Birthday! Now you're halfway through - can't wait to see how the rest of it goes!

Linda Mockeridge
Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!!!! Your precious birth has been a gift. Have long life and celebrate, celebrate celebrate! With much love and devotion, Linda Mockeridge

Marilyn Moore
May the candles on your cake continue to grow year after year until their light fills the whole universe! May all your wishes for Shambhala be fulfilled. Cheerful Birthday, dearest Rinpoche, with my love and a deep bow of gratitude, Marilyn

Dear Rinpoche, It feels strange to write to you as I have never known someone who can see me so clearly and yet, I do not wish to be seen as the charlatan practitioner I often perceive. I am astounded by your gifts of wisdom, love and compassion for this world and am overjoyed to have come a little closer to you this summer at Sacred World Assembly. In so much which I have done since, I often feel your calmly humorous, practical and caring insight which you transmitted so keenly in the few days which we all spent together in that blissful field. So on this occasion of your glorious 50th. birthday I am envisioning limitless good fortune for you in disseminating the full profundity of your realisation of the dharma in characteristically fresh and creative ways and the very best of health to better enable you to do so. In support of this I will be practicing the Dorje Dradul Sadhana for the next 50 Sundays. May your life be free of all obtsacles, your family blessed with abundance and your kind voice be heard in all of even the most distant and troubled corners of this beautiful world. With love and devotion, Edmund

Cheerful Birthday, Your Majesty!
You give us so much. I hope we all serve the Radiant Vision of the Great Eastern Sun with full hearts, for I belive that is what would please you most of all.
With a deep bow, your loyal subject, Daniel

Melissa Howell
Cheerful Birthday, Your Majesty! I offer you clouds of real and imagined good offerings. May you ever remain! All my love, Melissa

Your Majesty, May all your wishes be fulfilled, with heartfelt gratitude and love, Jennifer

Sarah Addison
Happy Birthday! and much joy to you and your family. With love, we accompany you on this journey and turn our faces to the shifting winds, gentle with sun. Sarah Addison

Jillyan Gift
We had a delightful celebration on Thursday in honour of your birthday, Your Majesty. With very warm wishes , Jillyan Gift

Suzann Duquette
Cheerful Birthday, Your Majesty. May you have a year filled with the joy, with the blessing of your second child, and with unstoppable compassion for your students and all beings. With love and devotion, Suzann

Suzann Duquette
Cheerful Birthday, Your Majesty. May you have a year filled with the joy, with the blessing of your second child, and with unstoppable compassion for your students and all beings. With love and devotion, Suzann

Suzann Duquette
Cheerful Birthday, Your Majesty. May you have a year filled with the joy, with the blessing of your second child, and with unstoppable compassion for your students and all beings. With love and devotion, Suzann

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