Online Gift Registry

Why Join? Program Benefits

Some of the benefits of our partner programs include ...

What it is

  • This presents a unique opportunity for businesses to partner with a global provider of online gift registry services assisting millions of users across 150 countries
  • We've developed a license program that allows participants to add new revenue streams to an existing business or create their own online registry business
  • By obtaining a license for the OWW framework, licensees have the opportunity to rebrand and customize our website to reflect the unique value proposition of their own business
  • A license provides you with the ability to create a sustainable and recurring income based on a completely automated turnkey solution
  • We will field your support calls, maintain the website framework, support the systems and processes underpinning the solution and provide enhancements to the technology platform as and when they become available
  • undergoes constant enhancements and improvements to provide a better service to customers and provide additional features to benefit couples. For instance, we've created a new RSVP function, added more features to our website builder that couples can use to announce their wedding and offer more payment options than before. As an approved licensee you would share in the benefits of our product development.

Benefits to licensees

  • Can build a sustainable, long-term business by capitalizing on an established brand name and a highly developed technology
  • Creation of a lucrative income stream through a volume-based approach
  • Have access to world-class software systems and processes underpinning the framework
  • Gain access to a secure, easy to use, online payment gateway that works with major currencies and offers multiple payment options
  • Not have to worry about product support as our team is always at hand to solve your issues
  • We can guide and assist you with our expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which ultimately translates to more visitors to your website, more leads and subsequently more business.
  • You focus on your core business whilst we manage the website for you and it becomes a silent stream of income.
  • Complete visibility of onsite traffic and income generated through the registries setup on the system.
  • Our board of directors and management team has decades of business experience gained across multiple domains. We will assist you with business advice and provide you access to our network of contacts within the bridal industry to help grow your business
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