Online Gift Registry

Product Description

Summary is an online gift registry & wishing well that allows people to contribute money towards any gifts for any event using an innovative virtual gift system. It provides a modern way to save time and money for events.

  • It helps people (hosts) to request contributions toward gifts in a professional, elegant, quick, easy, and secure way (24/7 from anywhere around the world).
  • It helps people (guests) to contribute towards gifts in a professional, elegant, quick, easy, and secure way (24/7 from anywhere around the world).

With our system, you add any items you like - from any shop or any store. You can even add items like "honeymoon" items and a "house deposit", and then people can put money towards these items (to help make the wishes come true).

Another useful consideration - more people are living out of home before they get married and are often helping to pay for the wedding/honeymoon themselves ... what they really need is money to help pay for the things they need and want. Our system provides a professional and elegant way to allow guest to help contribute towards the things that the host really needs or wants.

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How It Works

Video Explanation

Example Registry

Other Tools & Features

Our system includes a number of other tools and features to help people to manage events, which are included with our partner programs:

  • Website Builder - customers can set up their own free personalized websites for their event
  • RSVP System - customers can manage their event invitation lists electronically
  • Guest Book - guests can sign an electronic guestbook and leave special messages for the host
  • Registry Cards - we provide registry gift cards that customers can send to their guests
  • New: Budget Planner - a tool to help budget for their event
  • New: Table Allocation - a tool to help manage the seating arrangements for their event
  • New: Task Manager - a tool to help manage all the tasks to be completed for their event
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