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Our Team

Our team comprises of young entrepreneurs and technically brilliant people that are in touch with modern technology, coupled with senior managers with many years of solid business experience.

Here are some of the people involved in developing our business for you ...

Joseph Renzi

Joseph Renzi, our founder and CEO, is the brains behind this operation.

Joseph is a highly motivated and creative entrepreneur with leadership, project management and information technology experience. Joseph has over two decades of leadership experience gained within large corporations, community groups and educational institutions.

Joseph leads a stellar team of developers, architects and support staff in constantly refining and fine tuning our systems so as to provide user's with a great experience when using our services.

Walter Annen

Walter has over four decades of experience in growing and guiding organizations, working in four different continents around the globe.

Walter was the General Manager and Area Director for the Hilton International Group for over 20 years and has solid business acumen across many business divisions including sales and marketing, HR, finance and planning.

Walter Annen also has experience as a business coach with Action International.

John Lloyd

John Lloyd is on the board of directors for several businesses across diverse domains like, manufacturing, automotive, IT & T and hospitality.

John has over 40 years management experience in business development, staff training, accounting and personnel.

John has been instrumental in establishing, guiding and developing over 600 businesses.

David Cunningham

David initially started his career in JPMorgan London in 1999 and later in JPMorgan Asia until 2002.

David then pioneered into the emerging market of China where he founded the multi award winning real estate investment company "Shanghai Vision Ltd" in 2002. In just 11 months Shanghai Vision Ltd had sales offices in Ireland, UK and Australia. The headquarters in Shanghai, which included a mortgage broking division, facilitated the sale of over 600 residential apartments to individual non-Chinese investors. In late 2005 "Shanghai Vision Ltd" was sold in a successful MBO (Management Buy Out). David then founded a rental and property management company in Shanghai, "Shanghai Vision Asset Management Ltd", with over USD$184 million AUM (Assets Under Management).

Yet another company founded by David is the ecommerce travel website, which was created in June 2008 with a purpose to help local communities earn more income and facilitate travellers to explore the world through the eyes of a local professional tour guide.

David now lives in Australia where he features in business publications such as "Secrets of Top Sales Professionals Exposed" and "The power of more than one".

Raja Pradeep

Raja Pradeep is our Director of Online Projects. Raja is leading the sales and marketing effort and is tasked with commercializing the business internationally.

Raja comes from a technology background and has successfully grown businesses from the ground up. Raja has several years of sales and management experience gained within large corporations and small businesses across many verticals.

Erin King

Erin is a Public Relations Consultant.

Erin completed her Bachelor Degree in Communications (Public Relations) with a major in marketing at The University of Canberra.

Erin works as a member of our team to promote our website and other services.

Kurniawan Wijaya

Kurni is an Information Technology specialist who is "in touch" with current trends on the Internet.

Kurni has a lot of skills and experience in software development and building modern websites that are easy to use and enjoyed by many.

Luke Wyrsta

Luke Wyrsta is one of the founders of the business and helps with the operational side of the business.

Luke's other interests include sportfishing, flyfishing and IT.

Almir Kadric

Almir attended the University Of Western Sydney and completed the degree 'Bachelor of Computer Science' with a major in 'Systems Programming' and a sub-major in 'Mathematics'.

Almir enjoys programming or, rather so, problem solving as a whole.

Whilst in university, in his spare time, Almir worked on a 3D engine which is now complete and is looking at a prospect of becoming an MMORPG.

Almir is also currently looking at completing his honours, and PHD whilst working.

Mary Renzi

Mary is an integral part of the team, providing support to the office team.

Mary has established and run her own successful business in the hospitality industry for many years.

Mary has valuable experience in customer support and the operation of the business.

Tony Dong

Tony works as a PHP developer.

Tony completed his bachelor of computer engineering at UNSW.

His interests include video gaming, rock-climbing and partying with friends.

Caleb Brown

Caleb works as a software developer.

Adelaide Delpin

Adelaide successfully completed a 20 year career with Westpac Banking Corporation and then operated her own computer accounting business.

Adelaide brings a wide range of banking, accounting and managerial skills to the team and takes a strong interest in staff development and organizational structure.

Alan Bartlett

Alan completed his HSC at George's River College Oatley Campus, and taking Mark Twain's advice to heart, "I never let my schooling interfere with my education".

Alan's plans for University are "kind of non existent", except maybe to study Japanese and/or Philosophy which, as Bruce Lee once said, "this means I can have deep thoughts about being unemployed".

Sunnie Yu

Sunnie works as a PHP developer.

Sunnie completed her bachelor of Computer Science degree at the University of New South Wales.

Sunnie enjoys reading and tennis.

Toran Awasthi

Toran completed his bachelor of computer science degree at Wollongong University.

Toran loves travelling to new places and has a passion for cooking.

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