Chamber of Wonders

The Stuffed Peacock.

It's incredibly tasteful, and adds style to any room and any occasion. Preferably accompanied by faux flowers and a perch, this piece du jour can be found at Wunderkammer, on Lonsdale St. (see

"Wunderkammer" is German for 'Chamber of Wonders', and this incredible store contains many startling scientific curios, instruments, and some pieces of ethically-produced or antique taxidermy. It's very much like an old-fashioned natural history museum that you can buy the exhibits from.

A voucher to this store would be a fabulous gift, allowing us to take our pick of the myriad of wonderful pieces they have at any time.

Item Details
Total Price: AUD$1,500.00
Amount Remaining: AUD$1,500.00

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