Vist to the Orangatan Sanctuary (Rasa Ria)

The Borneo wilderness begins just outside the resort, and offers the curious explorer many fascinating sights and adventures. Most popular of all is a visit to our Nature Reserve, where you'll meet our famous Orang Utans, rescued animals who stay with us for a few years so they can return to the wild and thrive.

The Reserve is also home to a wide spectrum of Sabah wildlife such as two species of deer, long-tailed macaques, pheasants, civets, bear cat, masked musang, monitor lizard, water hens, porcupines, slow lorises, pangolins, pitcher plants, fruit bats and 63 species of birds.

Guests may help support our rehabilitation efforts through our unique Foster An Animal programme, which provides funding for the care and feeding of these fascinating yet threatened animals. If you choose to become one of our Foster Parents, you may have the name of your party and your chosen animal listed on our Web site.

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